Generations Farm and Folly came about as an outlet for our family’s endeavors. Connected to years of family tradition, every aspect of our trade – from our BBQ sauce to the venue on the family farm – is all directly related to generations of passion, talent, and vision. Our patriarch, Jerry A. Jones, farmed all his life and his role in agriculture, and as a father and grandfather, left our family with the same desire to labor in, promote, grow, market, and share it. We memorialize our patriarch through our products and services. Personally, we’re God fearing, hard working, Tiger loving people who see agriculture, and all aspects of it, as a way of life.

the farm:  Agriculture is a family affair with us. We have all grown up on or working for a farm. Today, we relish in our connection to the family farm and take pride in the fact that the entire family is connected to agriculture in some way. Farming the fields, working in agribusiness, entertaining agritourism and marketing our BBQ sauce – we’re all tied to our years of growing up on and loving the farm. 

the folly: Historically, follies appeared in English landscape designs as eye-catching focal points. While not as elaborate, The Barn at Jones Farms is a true focal point that was originally created by our patriarch as an area for family and friends to gather, an indoor playground for his grandchildren, and a restful place for his out-of-town horse buddies. Today, it offers guests an event space for special occasions, an area for creative workshops, and provides a facility for the storage and shipment of our BBQ sauce.