When I was a little girl, before it had a name, I remember eating a version of our sauce at pig pickins’ where we celebrated the end of tobacco harvest season. Later, my daddy tweaked the ‘formula’ and made it his own. This is the sauce that everybody wanted – the sauce my daddy gave away at Christmas with Boston Butts to family and friends and what they would call to get more of throughout the year. It’s the sauce that won us the honor of first place in the annual hog day cook-off and the sauce that people still want today! 

Making it one pot full at a time, my daddy couldn’t keep up with the demand, so he passed the recipe down to me where my husband, George, and I began making it 30-gallons at a time. Today, the sauce is still a local favorite and is most popular in the fall and winter – the time we in the South call grillin’ season. Not as many pig pickins’ take place as before, but grilling Boston Butts and making chopped BBQ will always be traditions in our area. Many want it as a staple in their kitchen, to mop onto some pork chops or Boston Butt steaks. 

It may be typical of sauce from South Carolina’s Pee Dee region, but with its combination base of vinegar and tomato, and just the right blend of spices, it’s perfect for pork! However, we’ve known people to use it on chicken, turkey, burgers, fresh sausage, and shrimp! Besides being “washed” on to any meat, which is where the name ‘HOGWASH’ came from, it’s been known to be used as a dipping sauce and base for marinades. 

Friends and family from all over the state have enjoyed it and asked us repeatedly when we were going to bottle it. The flavor is downright addictive and when folks run out of things to dip the sauce in, they reach for bread or plain potato chips to make sure not a drop is wasted. 

The sauce has been known as Jerry’s sauce to one generation and as George’s sauce to next, but no matter what you call it, know that our hope is that our sauce will make many of your foods taste even better because it’s been HOGWASHed! 

where to find it

Lake View SuperMarket 

306 Richard Temple Blvd
Lake View, SC 29563

(formerly known as LV IGA) 

ACE Hardware of Dillon 

205 W Main Street
Dillon, SC 29536 


Carolina Trading Post

4015 South Irby St
Florence, SC 29505


Bridgers Drug Store

305 N Main Street
Marion, SC 29571


Jared’s ACE Hardware

576 Sumter HWy
Bishopville, SC 29010


online orders

We currently do not take online orders, but if you would like to try HOGWASH and can’t find it at a store near you, let us know! Please visit the ‘Contact Us’ tab and we can ship you a bottle.